COVID-19 Response


In response to the growing level of food insecurity across the city as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Well-Fed has focussed all of our resources to providing emergency food aid to those in need. Over the past weeks Well-Fed has witnessed a 1200% increase in demand for support and we have responded to this by increasing our meal production to 2000 meals every day. These 2000 meals are distributed to hundreds of families and individuals across the city every day as well as to other third sector organisations working with a range of groups and sections of the community.

Do you or someone you know need support?

Well-Fed are able to offer support through this current crisis and there is no need to be referred by any agency or third party. You can make contact yourself either by telephone, Facebook or by completing the below form and submitting it through this website. If you would find it easier or have difficulty in accessing our support for any reason, it is also ok for someone to make a referral on your behalf using any of the below methods.

Well-Fed are currently operating 6 days a week (closed Saturdays) and our delivery team are on the road 6 days also. We can be reached by phone between 9am - 6pm Sun - Fri and will receive messages 7 days a week. We are currently working one day ahead, so if you require support you can expect to receive your delivery the next working day and will be advised if it will be an am or pm delivery slot.

Our service is completely free and won't cost you anything!!


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